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Technical Support

If you are experiencing a problem or concern with your Daystate air rifle you should initially contact the dealer from where the air rifle was purchased.

Contact information for all registered Daystate dealers can be found here DEALERS.

If you still cannot find the information you require then please contact our Technical Centre via email at

Many Daystate owners also find great benefit in joining the Official Daystate Owners Club where they can share and learn tips owning and using Daystate air rifles. NB: Official Daystate Owners Club is not owned or operated by Daystate Ltd and therefore Daystate Ltd have no resposibility for the content displayed on the web site.

Power and performance - IMPORTANT INFORMATION

The performance of each Daystate air rifle is checked before leaving the factory to ensure it meets the required level of consistency and power output for its intended market.

Where a slingshot system is fitted, it is normal for a slight rise and fall in velocity/power as the rifle progresses through its air charge, the test is undertaken at the rifle’s optimum working pressure (OWP). This is not the same as the fill pressure indicated on the rifle’s breech block, but around 40 BAR below (dependent on model), where the rifle’s output will be at its highest on the ‘power curve’. When it has a full charge of air, your rifle’s power could therefore be slightly lower that this Test Sheet shows, though this will not significantly affect its downrange performance.

Daystate Power Curve

Never fill the rifle with more than the safe working pressure (SWP) indicated on its breech. See the Official Handbook ( for instructions on charging with compressed air.

AIR RIFLE LAW: England, Wales and Scotland

In England and Wales, it is illegal for an unlicensed air rifle to be capable of exceeding 12ft/lbs of muzzle energy with any pellet, otherwise it is classed as a Section One Firearm for which a Firearms Certificate (FAC) is legally required. The same power limit applies in Scotland, although you must hold a Scottish Air Weapon Licence to use a sub-12ft/lbs air rifle.

Like all UK airgun manufacturers, Daystate calibrates the power of each non-FAC air rifle to ensure it is safely under the legal limit using commonly available pellet brands. While your rifle’s power output will be over 11ft/lbs at its optimal working pressure with the brand of pellet recommended in the official handbook, other brands of pellet may produce lower power output.

If you are in any way concerned about your rifle’s power, contact the dealer from where you purchased it.