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Technical Support

If you are experiencing a problem or concern with your Daystate air rifle you should initially contact the dealer from where the air rifle was purchased.

Contact information for all registered Daystate dealers can be found here DEALERS.

If you still cannot find the information you require then please contact our Technical Centre via email at

If you would prefer to talk directly to someone then Daystate run a Technical Workshop from 4 - 5 pm Monday to Friday. Tel: 01782 791755

Many Daystate owners also find great benefit in joining the Official Daystate Owners Club where they can share and learn tips owning and using Daystate air rifles. NB: Official Daystate Owners Club is not owned or operated by Daystate Ltd and therefore Daystate Ltd have no resposibility for the content displayed on the web site.

Power statement 12 foot pounds air rifles

In the UK unlicensed rifles must not be capable of producing power, with any projectile above the legal limit of 12 foot/pounds energy. The rifle has been calibrated* at the Daystate factory with sufficient safety margin to ensure compliance with currently available pellets. This rifle has been set up to a power level not under 11 and not exceeding 11.7 foot pounds energy using the recommended pellet as specified in the official handbook.

For any power related queries, please in the first instance contact the place of purchase for conformation of power.

*Calibration is carried out using 5 PVM chronographs, cross referenced with the Sable ballistics chronograph held at the Birmingham proof house.