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PULSAR  //  The next giant leap forward

Pulsar Review by Airgun Exploration & Advancement Channel

The Pulsar HP

Features and Specifications of the PULSAR

With its unique ergonomics and computer-controlled via a sophisticated motherboard and software, the revolutionary PULSAR builds on a decade of electronic airgun success.

The PULSAR truly represents a new pinnacle in modern airgun engineering, Featuring Daystate’s patented Map Compensated Technology (MCT) – essentially a digital regulator to control the rifle’s power – combined with a new electronics package developed for the PULSAR, the new rifle is feature rich; including such details as a built in laser sight, display information screen and multiple power settings.

The PULSAR features a revised version of the Harper Patent valve system for increased efficiency and high shot capacity from its 300cc aluminium air cylinder. Combined with our best-ever sound-moderating barrel shroud, the patented electronic system makes a PULSAR near-silent in the field, though the moderator is equipped with a threaded adaptor to suit Daystate’s Airstream VI carbon-fibre silencer for extra suppression if required. A 10-shot, rotary magazine and solid alloy side-lever loading adds to a huge list of features.

The PULSAR stock is fully ambidextrous—even the cocking lever can be reversed and comes in a selection of choices of synthetic, walnut, or laminate finishes. The ballistic nylon forend also incorporates a useful 23mm picatinny front rail that allows the fitting of a tactical bipod and other accessories. The PULSAR is also one of the safest air rifles ever, with an unprecedented array of new safety systems.

Welcome to the PULSAR — simply the most advanced hunting rifle in the world.


Overall Length:   760mm (30 ins)   890mm (35 ins)      
Barrel Length:   430 mm (17 ins)   585 mm (23 ins)      
Cylinder Capacity   300 cc   300 cc      
Weight (unscoped):   3.4 – 3.8 kg (7.5 – 8.3 lbs) depending on stock type and battery type   3.8 kg (8.3 lbs) depending on stock type and battery type      
Available Calibres:   0.177 (4.5 mm), 0.22 (5.5 mm) .25 (6.35)   0.22 (5.5 mm) .25 (6.35) 0.303 (7.62 mm)      
Loading:   Via sidelever (electronically cocked and fired)   Via sidelever (electronically cocked and fired)      
Magazine:   10-Shot rotary, removable (from left or right). Also supplied with magnetic single-shot loading tray   10-Shot rotary, removable (from left or right). Also supplied with magnetic single-shot loading tray      
Fill Pressure:   Up to 230 BAR (3,335 psi)   Up to 250 BAR (3,625 psi)      
Power / Shots Per Charge: 0.177   220 shots @ 12 ft/lbs, 110 Shots @ 18 ft/lbs   n/a      
Power / Shots Per Charge: 0.22   250 shots @ 12 ft/lbs, 55 Shots @ 35 ft/lbs   43 shots @ 50 ft/lbs      
Power / Shots Per Charge: 0.25   55 Shots @ 38 ft/lbs   55 shots @ 50 ft/lbs      
Power / Shots Per Charge: 0.303   n/a   26 shots @ 65 ft/lbs      
Trigger:   Electronic release. Adjustable for weight and length of stage   Electronic release. Adjustable for weight and length of stage      
Safety:   Manual, cross bar , bolt open deactivation   Manual, cross bar , bolt open deactivation      
Stock:   Choice of synthetic or laminate   Choice of synthetic or laminate      
OPTIONS:   Sling swivels, bipod, Airstream general silencer, Lithium battery   Sling swivels, bipod, Airstream general silencer, Lithium battery      

Pulsar Owner

Over the years I have owned many air guns, my first was a Diana SP50 pistol way back in the 1970's. I am now the very proud and very lucky owner of a Daystate Pulsar and I have to say it is the best air rifle I have ever owned. Not just because of it's amazing build quality, consistency of power and accuracy but also because it can do so many things that suit just what I want from an air gun. I have never bothered to get an FAC licence, I do not need a shot gun or a powerful weapon to hunt successfully with, more than that however a 12 ft/lb rifle allows me to shoot in my back garden, in the factory and an indoor riding arena and in my hall way! Imagine doing that with a shot gun or rim fire .22 :o The features that make this rifle perfect for me are the one's that some people label 'Gimmicky' the laser and power level control. I could do with 3 lasers on mine!

When out hunting or target shooting I set her on High Power. When plinking in my back garden I use medium power and when shooting my 10 yard indoor range (our entrance hall, kitchen and out house, indoor range sounds posher lol) I use low power. Now for the laser. I was in a dilemma, do I use it as a range finder? Do I use it as a second zeroed aim point? Do I use it for Ratting at closer range so I can shoot from the hip in a manner of speaking? Do I set it up for quick fire plinking fun in my back garden? At the moment she is set on the latter but I am sure come spring time she will be changed to 'range finder' providing she does not spook the Rabbits. I have fitted a moderator and now she makes less sound than a Mouse breaking wind, this allows me to shoot indoors with out spoiling my Wife's 'Chick Flicks' and keeps me in the good books. My only complaint is the gun is soooo flippen good she is costing me a fortune in pellets.

Well done Daystate for producing a truly magnificent bit of kit, a H U G E thank you to all involved. Daystate have produced a rifle they can be proud of. John

Pulsar Owner

I have owned my .177 Pulsar ORO for just over 12 months now. She is having a hard life being used most days and has fired at least 5000 pellets, probably a lot more. She is still shooting at between 788 and 796 fps over a full charge and is putting in groups that are as tight as when I first bought her. At Furnace Mill and now Donna's Wood I use 500 plus pellets a session. Hunting trips are between 1 and 8 depending on what presents itself so the plinking/target shooting is certainly the big pellet user. I do clean the barrel every 500 shots, using the little pads that can be shot through with barrel cleaning fluid, she also gets oiled after every use and the stock treated with wood oil once every two weeks other that that she is maintance free. In the field she has been rained on, got plastered in mud and horsey plop, enveloped in fog and almost electrocuted by a cattle fence. Despite all of this she has performed perfectly. Even with out a moderator she is quiet and with one almost silent. I can sit against a tree and miss calculate my shot at a target only for it to stay still to give me a second chance such is the stealth of this gun. She is easy to handle in all situations, remaining comfortable to hold and keep on target. The speed she can be brought to shoulder has allowed me to get in shots at close range (in some cases less than 3 yards away) suddenly appearing targets such as Rats in a way I can not with a more conventional rifle. I know the looks are not to every one's taste but she receives many nice comments at club meets and while I am on the range, even a couple of people who were not keen on a Bullpup design changed their views once shouldering her and taking a magazine or two of shots. In short I am over the moon with her, she has surpassed my expectations and helped me regain my confidence in my shooting abilities. My .22 Smoke stocked Pulsar is proving to be every bit as good as my .177 ORO.

A very happy Pulsar owner.