The "official" Daystate Owners Club

Official Daystate Owners Club

The Official Daystate Owners Club is a worldwide friendly community based news and discussion forum with a focus on Daystate rifles and airgun shooting in general. While its primary role is to provide news, updates and community discussion on what we believe to be the finest and most powerful airguns in the world, it also serves as a highly developed source of information to its members, self help and support areas to name but a few. Many of its members are extremely knowledgable re Daystate brand, and always on hand to help.

Official Daystate Owners Club

Benefits of joining The Official Daystate Owners Club

Joining the Official Daystate Owners Club brings with it a highly informative knowledge base, or as we like to say, its membership. We pride ourselves on knowledge share and supporting our user base. Daystate Ltd (Manufacturer) continually ensures we are kept abreast of development, support, and the latest and greatest rifle news. The forum houses a wealth of information re Daystate rifles, a friendly community, experts on hand, editorials, and regular free to enter competitions with its usual flair for top prizes. Whatever you're looking for, you'll find it on the Official Daystate Owners Club, and before anyone else. We continually strive to improve our service through logical additional features, and by listening to our members, hence why we continue to be the one and only Daystate club you'll ever need.

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How to Join

Joining the is both free and simple to do. Simply click the link and answer just a few questions. Application’s are usually approved extremely quickly via an emailed link. Simply click, and away you go. We all hope to see you soon.

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