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Welcome to the world of Daystate Airguns.

What we believe to be the finest and most powerful airguns in the world.

Daystate pioneered the modern precharged pneumatic airgun over 30 years ago and is still the market leader in design and innovation.

We hope you like what you see.

Northern Shooting Show 2016.. Fantastic first show!

Tackle Up Fleet

Daystate / Brocock / MTC Optics attended the Northern shooing show at the impressive Yorkshire events centre in Harrogate Yorkshire.

A great success with over 20,000 people visiting over 2 days.

The event, intended to rival the Coventry based British Shooting Show earlier in the year is sure to now become a regular event for the shooting community.

Looking for Daystate in Hampshire...? Tackle Up, Fleet

Tackle Up Fleet

Tackle Up in Fleet, Hamphire are a new retailer of all things Daystate.

Pictured alongside Daystate Sales Manager Adam Woods (right) is Simon the owner. Why not pop in and checkout the Daystate range if you are in the area!

You can also find them online here Tackle Up

Steve Youngs + Air Ranger = ..... .22 Champ


Steve Youngs is a good shot and enjoys a challenge, so when he elected to take part in Hunter Field Target (HFT) he decided to use his trusty .22 Daystate Air Ranger. Now these competitions are hard enough, but at sub 12 foot pounds a .22 calibre has twice the drop of a .177 so it takes a brave and skilled hand to drive it.

Steve is such a shooter and came a credible 2nd place in this year’s World Hunter Field Target competition; only narrowly missing a first due to a technical issue.

To find out more about HFT, visit here

Daystate at..... IWA 2016


Daystate are displaying at the prestigious international weapons exhibition in Nuremberg Germany

Highlights of the display are the new Renegade and a new Type 2 compressor.


Electronic actions for the Pulsar and Renegade


Overview of the hall containing Daystate as well as the rest of the group of Breda, Marocchi, Daystate, MTC Optics and Brocock. There are 10 of these halls a the show all full of shooting goodies


Daystate welcomes our new Spanish importer..... Iberica


Daystate's Tony and Stefano recently travelled to Spain to introduce the Daystate range to Iberica at their impressive Barcelona HQ.


Iberica have agencies all over Spain and the Daystate range will soon be much more widely available in that region.


For more info visit:


The big secret..... Daystate Renegade!

British Shooting Show

It may share a resemblance to Daystate's beautifully styled Pulsar flagship precharged pneumatic. but the all-new Renegade is distinguishable by a secret hidden deep within its synthetic stock: its precharged action is mechanically-driven!

In place of an electronic GCU [Gun Control Unit] and map-compensated firing cycle, the heart of the Renegade beats around the mechanical Harper-patented Slngshot Hammer system. as fitted to its popular Wolverine and Regal siblings. The result is an all-new rifle that shares many of the features equipped on the revolutionary Pulsar, but without all the computerised complexity and expense.

British Shooting Show

Yet the Renegade is itself not devoid of ground-breaking features, not least it's Hybrid Trigger Unit [HTU). Historically, the bullpup design has delivered limitations with the trigger release due to the more forward location requiring inefficient levers that are detrimental to a good feel. With the electronic Pulsar, this problem was overcome. And Daystate has now extended its know-how to develop a hybrid electronic/mechanical trigger for the Renegade - the first system of its kind to be seen on a high-powered PCP air rifle, and marking an end to the age-old problem of a poor trigger let-off for mechanically-dnven bullpups.

British Shooting Show

Daystate Renegade - Launched at the British Shooting Show

Powered by a single, readily available PP3 type 9-volt battery, the HTU simply transfers the trigger's movement via a wire to a small solenoid which, instantaneously, releases the normally-functioning sears toward the rear of the Renegade's action. In essence, it's an electronic, fly-by-wire system that brings the best of both worlds to the bullpup configuration.

British Shooting Show

Coming Soon..... The British Shooting Show!

British Shooting Show

As the first shooting event of the year, the British shooting show is the eagerly awaited start to the air gunners shooting season with most – if not all gun companies exhibiting.

Daystate will be there, and launching its Big Secret – a new rifle for 2016.

Want to see it first? – then we will see you at the British Shooting Show 12-14 February at Stoneleigh Park Coventry.

New..... Wolverine HiLite in 0.25 Calibre

Wolverine Hilite

By popular demand all Wolverine models are now available in .25 calibre.

When FAC rated the .25 calibre Wolverine produces power at a healthy 50 foot pounds muzzle energy and depending on the pellet used capable of muzzle velocities of up to 1000 fps. All in a standard length package and while retaining the built in moderator standard on Wolverine models.

To read more about the Wolverine, go to; Daystate Wolverine

And the Gold medal goes to..... The Daystate Regal!

Hard Air Magazine Gold Award

The Daystate Regal XL has just won an award by the popular online airgun magazine Hard Air Magazine (HAM).

The USA based magazine gives gold bronze and silver awards based on Quality, Usability, Value and Performance of the products they test. In the case of the Daystate Huntsman Regal, the rifle achieved a Gold award.

The online editor of HAM is Steven Archer, who is originally from the UK, Steven said in the review:

“The Daystate Regal XL air rifle is a thing of beauty and quality! The .22 caliber gun we tested has a great trigger, outstanding ergonomics and feel, combined with great accuracy and the power required for successful small game hunting.”

To read the magazine, go to;

Behind the scenes at Daystate with... Hard Air Magazine

Hard Air Magazine Gold Award

Daystate were visited by Hard Air Magazine supremo Steven Archer earlier this year, here is his report on the visit.

Daystate display at the ... 2015 Tackle and Gun Show!

Tackle & Gun 2015

Daystate displayed at the annual Tackle and Gun (trade) show this month, alongside its sister companies Brocock and MTC optics.

Tackle & Gun 2015

A big hit was the forthcoming Pulsar Synthetic (shown above). Look out for our new Pulsar – in the shops now!

Its September which means Weston Park and the famous... Midland Game Fair!

Midland Game Fair 2015

This year the company had a superb new stand to show off some great new products, including the new synthetic stock version of the Pulsar.

Midland Game Fair 2015

Priced at £1599, the new version hits the shops later next month.

Midland Game Fair 2015

Daystate also displayed some new corporate clothing, watch this space for pics and more details.

Midland Game Fair 2015

Nice group for the Daystate Pulsar... 300 shots at 25m !

Pulsar 300 shot group

Every Pulsar is tested after completion for at least an extra 200 shots, but the tester decided to stretch things, and produced this 300 shot group from a single charge!

Group was at 25 metres and used the new Rangemaster Keiser pellets.

Daystate at the... Emmett & Stone open day

Gareth Egarr

This is Gareth Egarr, our newest member of the admin team at the Daystate owners club, seen here helping out at the Emmett & Stone open day.

Gareth became an instant admirer of the Pulsar!

Wyan and Pulsar at the... World Field Target Championships 2015

Our man in South Africa, Wyan Schoonwinkel, has returned from the World Field Target Championships in beautiful Lithuania.

Wyan was shooting Pulsar No. 10 – one of the early build-up rifles. Wyan reports that the rifle was comfortable, consistent and very easy to shoot and he preferred it over his Grand Prix rifle. Grouping wise he was able to get 5 shots into a 5p circle at 50 metres. The Pulsar stock has been developed as a hunting rifle, so for FT Wyan added a knee support and butt hook and he will be developing these features on the rifle with Daystates help over the coming months.

If you are is SA keep a look out for Wyan and ask to have a go!

Wyan Schoonwinkel

Introducing the NEW... Rangemaster Kaiser Series Pellets

Kaiser Pellets

Over the past few months, Daystate has been hard at work quietly developing a new pellet in conjunction with the German pellet manufacturer H&N. H&N produce many of the world’s best pellets and have many world championship match wins to their credit. The new Pellet is based on the popular H&N Field Target Trophy, but the pellets have been specially selected to suit the Daystate special Walther barrels.

Branded under the Rangemaster label the new pellets are titled the Kaiser series and come in screw-top tins of 500.

Prices are as follows:

  • .177 (8.64gr) £11.55
  • .20 (11.42gr) £15.18
  • .22 (14.66gr) £15.18

The Kaiser Series pellets are available in all good gun shops.

AOA presents... Daystate Factory Tour


Daystate Factory Tour by AOA


Daystate announces its entry into the airgun air compressor market with the introduction of a compact 230 volt electronic air compressor, suitable to charge air tanks up to 300bar.

The Daystate compressor contains a sophisticated air filtration system that delivers breathing quality air quietly and at speed; and is capable of filling a 10 litre bottle from empty in 20 minutes and can top up from 150 bar in under 10 minutes, making it ideal for an independent shooter, club or shop.

Weighing under 40 kg the new unit is portable, self-contained and comes with a year’s warranty.

Price might be one of its most impressive features though, as in a market where this type of compressor usually costs £2,500; the Daystate compressor costs only £1,799.

Daystate Compressor

Air Wolf wins double 1st place at... Lebanon Extreme Benchrest

An airgun Extreme Bench Rest championship has taken place in Lebanon on the 3rd June.

With over 150 shooters from across the Country competing over 50m and 75m the results were as follows:

75m - 1st Place: Ahmad Daouk with Daystate Airwolf .22(pictured)

50m - 1st Place: Mr Dori Mouzannar with Daystate Airwolf .22

Well done to Ahmad and Dori from all at Daystate for some excellent shooting!



18mm group @ 100m can only mean one rifle... Wolverine 303!

303 long range hot’s up!.

This time from a Wolverine 303 shooter in Italy. Giuseppe Scaglione shot an officially judged 18 mm group at a 100m on an open air range.

Great shooting Giuseppe!



Ultimate Big Bore Long Range Accuracy = Wolverine 303
+ Ingrid van Gemert

Take a look at this 5-shot 110 yard group - courtesy of Ingrid van Gemert from the Netherlands!

Ingrid shoots in a 100 metre (110 yards) competition at her local club and last week shot a 12 mm group with her Wolverine 303. The score was 55 points, the highest ever achieved with a big bore rifle.

Stunning shooting Ingrid!

Ingrid van GemertIngrid van GemertIngrid van Gemert

Daystate dealer focus Kent......... Country Way Gun Shop

If you are into shooting, live anywhere near Kent, and want to see one of the UKs most well stocked gun and clothing stores, then a must visit would be to the Country way Gun shop in West Malling. The shop is located in a giant apple storage barn which has been converted into multiple shops containing, shotguns, Barbour Clothing, shoes, boots, and of course Airguns!

The shop is just 5 minutes from the town center and has ample parking.

You can check out their web site at

Picture shows John Pantrey, Paul Anderson, Cliff Sanderson and a Daystate Wolverine!

Country Way Gun Shop