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Welcome to the world of Daystate Airguns.

What we believe to be the finest and most powerful airguns in the world.

Daystate pioneered the modern precharged pneumatic airgun over 30 years ago and is still the market leader in design and innovation.

We hope you like what you see.

Pulsar HP...... now available in the USA !

Take a look at the new Daystate Pulsar HP (High Power) on this great video from US dealer Airguns of Arizona.

The Pulsar HP is available in .22, .25 and .303 calibre with power levels up to 65 foot pounds.

The first delivery is at Airguns of Arizona now!

Pulsar HP

Daystate at the...... South Yorkshire Shooting show!

Daystate have recently signed up to attend the South Yorkshire Shooting show. Supported by the Airgun Training & Education Organisation who will be running a ‘have a go’ range for anyone visiting the show to come along and try out the latest Daystate air rifle – all fitted with an MTC scope of course!

SYSS 2017

Elsewhere at the show we will have a stand and you will even be able to compare MTC scopes directly with other scopes in the sight viewing area.

The SOUTH YORKSHIRE SHOOTING SHOW & GAME FAIR takes place on 30 September and 1st October at the Doncaster Exhibition centre. For more details on the show please visit

For those of you who visited the Northing Shooting Show; thanks for coming!

The show was a great success with something like 20,000 visitors over two days. The companies stand was incredibly busy , showing some great new products.

The next event is ‘The Game Fair’ at Hatfield House, near London between 28-30 July where the company will have a "have a go range".

NSS 2017

Daystate at The Game Fair, Hatfield House 28th – 30 July 2017

Game fair 2017

Daystate rifles will be represented at this year’s game fair courtesy of the Airgun Training & Education Organisation (ATEO).

Come along and try the Wolverine2, or Perhaps a Huntsman Regal? Want to have a go on a Pulsar…no problem, all popular Daystate models will be on site for shooters to try on the ATEO range and get shooting and rifle advice from the Daystate trained ATEO staff.

Game Fair 2017

Daystate's new .... Renegade HP (High Power)

Renagade HP

Announced earlier this year at the Shot Show in Las Vegas, the new HP (High Power) version of the Daystate Renegade adds higher power options in 22, 25 or 303 calibre. With its superb electronic trigger unit married to a mechanical firing system this ‘Hybrid’ airgun brings you the best of both worlds. With the 303 version producing energy of 80 foot pounds this short and handy rifle has all the power you will ever need.

The Daystate Renegade HP is in the shops now.

Renegade HP

Daystate's new .... Electronic .303 calibre airgun

Pulsar HP

Introducing the Pulsar HP (high Power) that comes in either 22, 25 or 303 calibre. The HP version tops the upper power limit of the standard pulsars 36 foot pounds with a usful incres to 50 foot pounds. The new 303 version will deliver energies of 65 foot pounds. Like all Pulsars two other lower powers are built into every rifle.

First shown to the trade at last month’s IWA trade show in Nuremberg, the High Power pulsar is due into shops later this month.

Here is a picture of Daystate’s Simon Cockayne looking very pleased with himself holding the new rifle.

Pulsar HP

Airgun Shooter has a new editor in chief ... and he shoots a Pulsar!

Airgun Shooter

Say hello to Mike Morton a long time Daystate fan who not only owns the Pulsar shown in this Future Publishing press photograph, but also has recently bought a Daystate Saxon limited edition!
Mike will be writing and editing Airgun Shooter Magazine as well as the online Airgun show.

Click here to see the latest show.

Congratulations on the new appointment Mike!

Stefano from Daystate demonstrates the Daystate Renegade

Check out this Daystate Tsar video from Airguns of Arizona

WHEN 12 FT/LBS IS NOT ENOUGH... Renegade 303 HP

Daystate Renegade 303 HP

Shot Show 2017.

Jeff Reinert from MTC Optics in the USA showing off the new Renegade 303 High Power which does a cool 80 foot pounds of energy.

The Renegade HP will be in the shops in March.

Read about the Renegade here...........

Hard Air Magazine awards highest ever test scores to.. Daystate Renegade

Daystate Renegade

Read the full test here...........

Announcing...... The Daystate Web Store!

The Daystate Web Store

Check out the new Daystate web store for Daystate gifts and accessories.

Daystate Renegade in the shops NOW !

Introducing the new ...... Daystate Tsar

Daystate TSAR

Announcing the Ultimate in Field Target hardware the new Daystate Tsar is a match ready rifle – a "full on" Field Target rifle from Daystate developed in collaboration with Ataman/Demyan, one of Russia’s top match airgun design partnerships.

The Tsar continues Daystates rich legacy of match-winning Field Target rifle - for shooters who compete at the highest national and international levels.

Some sports demand an uncompromising approach for success. The new Tsar has been designed and built without compromise to perform in the high standards required on today's outdoor target competition circuit - a sport where less than the width of a pellet at 50 metres can make the difference between bringing home the silverware - or not.

Regulated for optimal 12-foot pound performance and shot to shot consistency, the Tsar has been developed to be a trophy winner from the start.

Daystate TSAR

Launch of the Tsar at the Tackle & Gun Trade Fair

Pictured from left; John (Nite Site), Simon, Adam & Tony (Daystate)

Daystate TSAR

The Tsar features include:

  • Trigger unit using a 5 level adjustable multi sear system incorporating a multi adjustable trigger blade
  • High Precision match grade stainless steel Lowther Walther barrel
  • The Tsars advance stock constructed in a blue laminate is fitted with an adjustable cheek piece, adjustable atomically shaped grip and a long forend rail. Unique to the Tsar is a specially designed multi-positional butt pad is included for maximum control
  • The Tsars advanced action is backed up by the stock that is every bit as state of the art. Made from special blue finished laminate, used to eliminate stress been transferred to the metal work it cradles, the thumbhole stock is crafted for both form and function in mind. It's ergonomic shape and array of multi adjustable features bring every conceivable benefit to the Tsar shooter, whether faced with a sitting, prone, kneeling or standing shot
  • Quick adjustments to the cheekpiece and forend can be made on the fly. While a more tailored gun can be achieved by way of precise adjustments to the cheekpiece, butt pad and palm rest. An accessory rail under the forend also allows further fitting for a totally bespoke setup and maximum control
  • A single unit construction breech, utilises a side lever cocking operation.
  • The rifle is fitted with a dry fire facility to allow the practice of trigger control without actually shooting a pellet

New Daystate


Overall Length 1070mm
Barrel :Length 460mm
Weight (unscoped) 4.5kg
Shots per charge 140 @ 12 ft/lbs
Calibre 4.5mm
Price (UK) £1900.00

New..... Wolverine HiLite in 0.25 Calibre

Wolverine Hilite

By popular demand all Wolverine models are now available in .25 calibre.

When FAC rated the .25 calibre Wolverine produces power at a healthy 50 foot pounds muzzle energy and depending on the pellet used capable of muzzle velocities of up to 1000 fps. All in a standard length package and while retaining the built in moderator standard on Wolverine models.

To read more about the Wolverine, go to; Daystate Wolverine

Nice group for the Daystate Pulsar... 300 shots at 25m !

Pulsar 300 shot group

Every Pulsar is tested after completion for at least an extra 200 shots, but the tester decided to stretch things, and produced this 300 shot group from a single charge!

Group was at 25 metres and used the new Rangemaster Keiser pellets.